Specialty Products: Plant Nutrients and Biostimulants

SipcamRotam delivers a growing plant health portfolio to meet the needs of professional turf managers.


Baccarat™ is a new generation biostimulant with dual action technology, giving your crops turf a soil booster and plant bioactivator.

Liquid K Express™

Liquid K Express™ is a concentrated liquid potassium fertilizer solution designed for cool and warm season turf and ornamentals.


Foliar fertilizer helps manage summer stress syndrome.

Phyte-Off® PLUS

Contains the following micronutrients: boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc in addition to potassium phosphite.


Potente™ is a biostimulant made 100% from vegetable sources. It is a natural bionutrient with Amino Acids obtained from fermenting vegetable protein and carbohydrates.


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