Specialty Products: Fungicides

SipcamRotam delivers a full portfolio of disease contol options providing the ultimate flexibity to meet the needs of professional turf managers.

E-Pro™ ETQ™

Popular tank mix partners, Chlorothalonil and Iprodione, now available in one convenient jug.

E-Scape ETQ®

ETQ technology combined with unique pairing of multisite mode of action contact fungicide and DMI systemic fungicide.

Echo® 720 T&O

Proven, long-residual contact fungicide.

Echo® Dyad™ ETQ

Next-generation chlorothalonil plus ETQ formulation delivers broad-spectrum disease control and enhances turf quality.

Echo® Ultimate ETQ

An 82.5% spray-dried granule formulation with all the same benefits of Echo Dyad ETQ.

Echo® Ultimate T&O

Echo® Ultimate T&O is an innovative technology enhancing turf quality, while providing protection from more than 75 diseases.

Echo® ZN T&O

Ideal for use with newer fungicides to manage their resistance and broaden their disease control spectrum.

Eclipse® ETQ

ETQ technology combined with broad-spectrum dicarboximide fungicide with protective and curative action that inhibits spore germination and fungal mycelium growth.

Endow™ 2SC

Broad spectrum control of multiple plant diseases including Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Pythium blight, Takeall Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Spring Dead Spot, Gray & Pink Snow Mold.


Protective fungicide with unique contact mode of action prevents fungal respiration that aids in the control of soilborne diseases.

Offset™ 3.6F

Broad spectrum fungicide with both curative and preventative capabilities on over 20 diseases.

ProPensity™ 1.3 ME T&O

Broad-spectrum systemic fungicide effective at low use rates.


Prevents and cures many Pythium diseases, including damping-off, cottony blight, grease spot and root rot.

Tee-Off® 4.5 T&O

Proven systemic chemistry delivers broad-spectrum control.

Sipcam Clearscape® ETQ

Combines tebuconazole, a versatile DMI fungicide for use on golf course turf, with ETQ technology.


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