Crop Products: Insecticides

At SipcamRotam, we consider it our responsibility to develop crop protection products designed to make your job easier and your crop healthier. Our quality portfolio of insecticides provides flexibility and innovation to insect control.


Abacus® offers an excellent foundation for rotational programs and poses minimal impact on beneficials. 

Abacus® V

 Abacus® V offers a low VOC formulation with excellent efficacy and can be applied to a broad range of vegetable crops. 

Montana® 2F

Montana® 2F provides economic long-lasting residual control of sucking and chewing insects, limiting feeding activity and improving plant health.

Montana® 4F

Montana® 4F delivers a world-class Imidacloprid formulation. 

Nudrin™ LV

 Nudrin™ LV is a broad spectrum insecticide registered for 60+ field, fruit, and vegetable crops.

Nudrin™ SP

Nudrin™ SP is a broad spectrum insecticide that controls 50+ pests particularly active on many lepidopterous pests as an ovicide, larvicide, and adulticide. 


Obelisk™ is a highly effective miticide and insecticide used to control pests in citrus, pears, cotton, and grapes. 


Return™ provides a new oxamyl-based solution providing broad spectrum control of various sucking and chewing insects and nematodes.


Zyrate® offers excellent residual control of key pests for a wide range of field crops, fruits, tree nut crops, vegetable crops, and specialty crops. 


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