Crop Products: Fungicides

SipcamRotam fungicides are designed to limit adverse effects on crop yield and overall quality while curing diseases.  

Andiamo™ 230

Andiamo™ 230 is a flexible, easy to mix, fungicide to manage frogeye leaf spot and white mold in soybeans.

Arius™ ADV

Arius™ ADV provides broad-spectrum disease control in a convenient pre-mix of two powerful, proven active ingredients.

Contans® WG

Contans® WG works to break white mold disease cycle by attacking disease organisms in the soil before they attack plants.

Echo® 720

Proven, long-residual contact fungicide. 

Echo® 90DF AG

Echo® 90DF AG is a proven, weatherproof contact fungicide that protects agricultural crops, fruits, nuts and conifers from a broad spectrum of diseases.

Echo® Zn AG

Echo® Zn AG is ideal for use with other fungicides to manage their resistance and expand their disease control spectrum.

Mazinga™ ADV

Mazinga™ ADV is an excellent resistance management solution providing broad-spectrum control through a combination of systemic and contact action.


The preferred choice for the first foliar fungicide spray providing excellent disease protection against cercospora leaf spot, powdery mildew and ramularia. 

Minerva™ Duo

Minerva Duo is two proven fungicides combined to deliver excellent disease control in sugarbeets and pecans. 

Muscle™ ADV

Muscle™ ADV offers an evolution of two proven fungicides delivering excellent disease control in peanuts, soybeans and cucurbits. 

Toledo® 45WP

Toledo® 45WP is a foliar fungicide that provides economical, dependable control for a number of registered fruit and tree nut crops.

Toledo® 3.6F

 Toledo® 3.6F offers broad spectrum control for over 30 diseases.


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